online business manager

I am Nicole and my job is to give you back your valuable time.

I am a certified Virtual Assistant whom you can outsource those tasks that are not part of your core business yet necessary for your project to thrive.

In short, all those activities that do not allow you to fully focus on the growth of your business.

You know the hundreds of emails you read every day, social media management, your blog, invoices? I know perfectly well that these are tasks that make you turn up your nose and think “how much I would like to dedicate myself to something else. Maybe just the activities I love “.
Now you can really do it and delegate to me everything you don’t love.

I work remotely, and this allows me to support freelancers from all over Italy and the world.
I asked customers and clients several times why they chose me.

The answer was that as AV, in fact, I would be the best figure to support them in achieving their goals with the least expenditure of resources (finance, energy, time).

But, to my great pleasure, they also recognized some personal traits:

  • The ability to understand fast their business model and to adapt perfectly to contexts
  • Professionalism and confidentiality
  • The sensitivity to understand the complexity of people and organizations and their needs
  • For my aptitude in focusing on the essentials, eliminating frills and simplifying procedures

I also recognize that being bilingual (Italian and English) can be useful 🙂

Personally I can say that I love my work very much because being able to concretely support professionals and contribute to the growth of their business allows me to achieve one of the greatest satisfactions: having an impact on people’s lives.

If you like the idea of a smart collaboration with me, take a look at the packages I have designed for you!


  • I was part of the team that managed the social channels of the first TEDxLucca (look here!) And yes: the event was sold-out 🙂
  • When I’m not exploring the world, I’m exploring the Net, and I’m looking for smart solutions to improve the quality of work: mine, yours, what we will do together
  • I adhere to Virtualmente’s Code of Ethics (assistentivirtuali.org) which defines the standards of ethical and professional behavior of Certified Virtual Assistants.

If, on the other hand, you want to understand a little more on how the web, your business and my passion can mix together and give good results, you can do three more things: